What is symbiosis? Stucke connects this question to her six-year project on Symbiosis State, which began in 2009.  Symbiosis State is a state of mind of becoming symbiotic relationships exploring how she embodies the idea of symbiosis through an interdisciplinary process interconnecting evolutionary biology, consciousness, philosophy of mind, and the imagination.

Stucke’s personal relationships with plants and affection for knowledge systems informs her projects.  Her interpretations of lichen, fungi, algae, and moss investigate the complex visual relationships between survival, parasitic, mutualistic, commensalistic, and sexual exchanges that take place under symbiosis. By combining experiential and rational knowledge systems together within her work, she appropriates from visual taxonomies to create conversations between local knowledge systems of the human body and scientific classification structures.





Survival Relationships No.2 (Symbiosis State)
Graphite,Gouache & Ink on Stonehenge Paper, 50 ” x 38 ” (hxw), 2011



Survival Relationships No.1 (Symbiosis State)
Graphite, Gouache & Ink on Stonehenge Paper, 50 ” x 38 ” (hxw), 2011




Various Species of Behavioral Vessels (Symbiosis State)
Graphite,India Ink & Gouache on Stonehenge Paper, 50 ” x 82” (hxw), 2010