Amber Stucke
John Preckwinkle, Cahuilla Bird Singer / Translation-Spoken Cahuilla Language

Ongoing site specific performance in the region of Coachella Valley. It was first performed by Invitation at Mojave Sound Art: Incantations 2019 in Wonder Valley and then in 2020 at the Palm Springs Art Museum. Larrea tridentata, commonly known as the creosote, is the most abundant plant in the Mojave Desert. Specific clonal ring forms of this plant are considered to be some of the oldest living organisms on Earth. Instructions for Our Love is a vocal piece spoken in both English by Amber Stucke and Cahuilla by John Preckwinkle III, a member of the Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians and traditional Bird Singer. By honoring the creosote and with the Cahuilla language considered critically endangered, the instructions intend to reconnect the sound of the language back to the land.  A DIY limited edition book with the translations goes in conjuction with the performance. 50% of each book sold benefits the non-profit organization Advocates for Indigenous California Language Survival.

Photo Credits: Julia Robertson | Video Credits: Serena Stucke