Collaborative sound art installation with Amber Stucke and many other composers, sound and interdisciplinary artists. Inspired by knowledge of how Ojibwe people talk to plants for medicine, each sound piece placed onto vinyl is created in response to two questions: what is the idea of a plant and how would you talk to it? Made with two Pioneer PL-7 turntables, two separate stereo speaker systems with amplifiers, and two unique vinyl records. Both records, with each sound piece, play at the same time on automatic replay continuously. This piece is currently expanding to consist of over 100 LP's.


TALKING TO PLANTS IIIIIIIIIIIII : Amber Stucke + galindog | Made in 2016, each record has one 13min sound piece by galindog (Guillermo Galindo), and on the other side has a 7min sound piece by Amber Stucke.


 TALKING TO PLANTS No.7: Amber Stucke + Demian Dine'Yazhi' (Dine') | Made in 2018, each record has one 12:45min sound piece by Demian Dine'Yazhi', and on the other side has a 7:38min sound piece by Amber Stucke.