b l o o d r o o t

Invitation to perform at Soundpedro 2019 in Los Angeles. bloodroot offers an incantation to change the shape of the wind within the region of the Los Angeles Basin. Located on the grounds of the of the traditional territories of the Tongva Nation and looking out toward the Pacific Ocean, the site for the performance holds the space as a vortex to heal the land. Numerous destructive wild fires in the surrounding area are intensified by the Santa Ana Winds every year, which has given both death and life to the region. From a series of actions that includes, sound, language, and ritual, the piece honors and calls to the wind.

bloodroot is a lunar collective created between gal*in_dog aka Guillermo Galindo and Amber Stucke in 2018. Coming from the future, the collective creates site specific installations that are activated by performances to open liminal portals with sound, language and ritual to honor and call to the land, animals, plants, and stars. All performances are documented with an art book and live sound recording placed onto a vinyl record.

Photo Credits: Tina June