b l o o d r o o t

Invitation to perform at Dream Farm Commons in Oakland. bloodroot offers an incantation to honor the native lands in the San Francisco Bay Area. Bringing to attention the site of the West Berkeley Shellmound, the location is one out of 425 shellmound-funerary sites of the Ohlone people in the surrounding area. Known to be older than the pyramids in Egypt, the shellmound is a resting place for their dead among other things and are still to this day believed to be buried deep within the earth.

From a series of actions and a site specific installation that includes sound, language, and ritual, the piece establishes an imaginary navigation for the nearby site and calls to the sacred land for preservation. The piece will move throughout the gallery space to open a liminal portal of parrellel connection.

bloodroot is a lunar collective created between gal*in_dog aka Guillermo Galindo and Amber Stucke. Coming from the future, the collective creates site specific installations that are activated by performances to open liminal portals with sound, language and ritual to honor and call to the land, animals, plants, and stars.

Photo Credits: Hiroyo Kaneko